SNDR: Men In Black

Greetings Nerds and Nerdettes!!! I have noticed a trend with retro merchandise, from remastered video games to reboots of tv shows and movies. The 90’s are slowly making a comeback. About 2 weeks ago, fresh off the hype of Black Panther, my wife and I were flipping through Netflix and came across Men In Black. […]

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SNDR: Black Panther

Greetings Nerds and Nerdettes. Unless you have been under a rock, then of course you know that Black Panther is in theaters now. Fortunately, yours truly was able to get an early screening Thursday, and it’s a good thing I did because the theater was PACKED. But, when the movie was over and everyone stood […]

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SNDR: The Avengers

Greetings Nerds and Nerdettes!!! When it comes to the MCU, there is not enough good things that can be said. Since 2009, this studio has been giving us hit after hit. In May of this year we will get what it has all been building up to with Infinity Wars. Like many people on social […]

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Supernerdydad Reviews:Deadpool

Greetings Nerds and Nerdettes and welcome to SuperNerdyDad Reviews. R-rated superhero movies have become all the craze lately. Of course Blade, KickAss, and Watchmen started the trend of overly violent, adult language filled superhero movies. New heavy hitters like Deadpool and Logan have taken the torch and run with it successfully. Deadpool was the highest […]

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